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Owner and Photographer - Laura Dizon

As long as I can remember I have had a love of photography, children and the arts. Taking photography and design classes in school and being the go to nanny on my block is how my passion first started. In my late teens I started working for a local photography chain. In my early twenties I started working with Tiny Acorn, eventually managing, shooting and designing for the studio. I am now a very proud mother of a beautiful little girl who is not shy in front of the camera. She keeps me busy, running between drum lessons and Little League Baseball games and practices. I enjoy the outdoors, gardening, our fantastic city and spending lots of time with my family and friends.

In 2008 a fantastic opportunity came my way and I was able to purchase Tiny Acorn. I truly enjoy what I do, I love people (of all ages) and enjoy bringing out each unique personality through photography. Life is exciting, and your photos should be just as exciting. I feel incredibly fortunate to combine my love for photography and design into a business I feel so thankful for everyday!

- Laura